focus on partnership
 rather than ownership

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Our values: We generate returns by investing in growing companies, rather than employing financial engineering tactics.

Founded in 2010, Geneva Glen Capital is a family office-oriented private equity firm built on a long-term strategic relationship with Wanxiang America, our evergreen capital source. We have the capital, resources and professionalism of a traditional syndicated private equity fund, but with the flexibility of a family office.

Our evergreen fund structure and flexible investment mandate allow us to focus on both the short- and long-term needs of our portfolio companies; we avoid the inherent conflicts that traditional private equity firms face when making liquidity decisions, which often lead to premature exits. Our portfolio company liquidity timing is never driven by fundraising concerns and is solely driven by the optimal time to exit each individual portfolio company. Further, we employ conservative leverage to reduce the risk of financial distress in our portfolio companies which allows our management teams to focus on building long-term value rather than worrying about financial covenants.


Core Values & APPROACH

Management as close partners

  • Collaborate with seasoned industry operating executives
  • Align incentives with management through meaningful equity participation
  • Entrust management with day-to-day operations; we do not micromanage our portfolio companies
  • Deep appreciation for company culture and history

A flexible and creative approach

  • Flexibility with regard to management; we primarily back incumbent teams, but are also open to management transition as mutually desired
  • Patient and flexible capital
  • Nimble, decisive, and creative
  • While focused on equity, we can invest throughout the balance sheet

High standards of integrity and reliability

  • Honor the terms we present
  • Closing rate exceeds industry standards
  • Communicate transparently

Global capabilities when beneficial

  • We leverage the deep global resources of our permanent capital source